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  • My Productivity Tool Nr 1 => ClickUp


    JIRA, vBulletin Project Tools, (again) JIRA, Asana, few apps which I code myself, Github Projects, Trello, monday.com...  as you see, I used few of them, but none made me as happy as my recent solution => CLICKUP! https://clickup.com


    It's simple, but powerful, affordable ( 80$ per year) and it has everything what I need.

    I'm managing all my projects, my private clients and literally my private life with it.

    I'm using a crazy no-code implementation connecting my apps, the webspace, my GitHub repos, clickup and Zapier which results in a powerful, but still achievable "Eierlegende Wollmilchsau"  for my one/two-man show.


    I'll share in some upcoming articles more insight into how I'm utilising it and why I prefer it to Monday.com and other solutions.


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