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  • Must have Dev Tool => Tinkerwell from Beyond Code


    One of my daily tools is tinkerwell.

    It allows you to run php code within the scope of the project, in my example within the IPS framework.

    Create a test member or grab all members.. all no problem and done with 2 lines of code without the need for scratch files or changing the productive code.

    Query + Output



    Another amazing feature is the SSH connection. As long as you have the driver also available on your live instance, you can literally use this app to connect to your live instance to run DB queries etc..❤️


    At the first glance it probably sounds like a solution for a problem which doesn't exist, but trust me, once you include it into your daily tools, you don't want to miss it because it's going to save you a lot of time.

    If you want to use it with IPS, you'll need to install my custom driver https://github.com/DanielFatkic/IPSTinkerwellDriver




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